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From personalized therapy plans to multidisciplinary diagnostic teams, The Arc of the Ozarks Autism and Neurodevelopmental Center offers support that grows with you every step of the way.

What is Neurodevelopmental?

Neurodevelopment is a term referring to the brain's development of neurological pathways that influence performance or functioning (e.g., intellectual functioning, reading ability, social skills, memory, attention or focus skills). When you learn to do just about anything, you are improving neurodevelopment.

Examples of neurodevelopmental disorders in children include attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, learning disabilities, intellectual disability, conduct disorders, cerebral palsy, and impairments in vision and hearing.

Our Pledge

Over the next decade, over 40,000 children in Missouri will be identified as having autism.

With the growing prevalence of autism spectrum disorders, the newly established Autism and Neurodevelopmental Center plays a pivotal role in meeting the unique needs of individuals and their families. The center provides timely support, interventions, and resources.


Empathy & Expertise in Every Service

From diagnostics to personalized therapy, explore a range of services designed to help you share the burden, lighten your path, and guide you in the right direction.


Diagnosis & Evaluation

The accelerated diagnosis and evaluation process is crucial for parents navigating uncertainties about their child’s development; offering a timely roadmap for understanding, support, and early intervention.

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Whether you're diving into assessments, exploring therapy options, or trying to understand a diagnosis, our family advocates are here for you at every step to ensure you feel supported and empowered along the way.

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